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Our company, professional staff and successful graphic designers are working with the photographic industry with new lines of design, in terms of in-house agency and printing services, in order to fulfill the burden of modernizing living conditions with new discoveries , the team gives you the best service. We have a wide range of products, design and print quality in a short time with our photo industry, Turkey has reached a large customer network and mainly European countries. Our sector, which has been in a crisis of identity for years, has earned a lot of effort to acquire corporate identity in the photographic sector, while struggling with countless obstacles such as lack of expert personnel, high investment and high cost, and lack of price the combination. We are at the beginning and the end of the service for every photographer who is good at art, investment and quality. We are producing solutions for your consumption, continuation of continuity, increase in quality, presentation of your products to the right and different from competitors. Photo studios; design, printed product and supply always succeeded in bringing to the fore Hayat Group is the only specialist company in the industry.